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Why Buy Baldor

There are a lot of different brand names when it comes to backup power. Making a purchase decision for a generator or standby system means that you have to choose out the brand as well as the specific unit. While it is true that many manufacturers make quality products, not many manufacturers incorporate quality into their entire product line. One company might make great portable gas generators, but poor quality immobile standby systems. This is not the case with Baldor; they make products that they expect to put to work in the field. Product quality is a priority for this manufacturer.

Industrial Equipment

Many manufacturers make generators out of lesser quality parts. A lawn engine motor might work for a generator that only gets used twice a year for a couple of hours, but industrial equipment needs to be ready continually. Baldor knows this, so they make sure that the majority of their products are built around your need to work. They incorporate multiple exceptional features:

  • Magnetic grade lamination steel is used to construct the alternators, which helps control the voltage of the electricity and assists the unit in starting up.
  • A “dip and bake” thermal set epoxy varnish seals the units much better that a plastic or metal cover would. This means your generator will last longer even after it has been in the rain, wind and dirt.
  • An additional copper wire–the Inverter Spike Resistant Wire–helps the units run longer and actually reduces maintenance costs over time.
  • Portable units can provide at least 150% of their nameplate rating in short bursts, which means that you will have less issues getting your equipment up and running in the field.

A Committed Company

Have you ever noticed that the way a company feels about their business plays a big role in how well they operate and directly cues product quality? So have we. We have chosen to be a certified Baldor dealer throughout Florida because of the company’s commitment to making quality products. We carry their products in all sizes, from 2.5 kilowatt units all the way up to 2.5 megawatts. We have based our product line around Baldor because of their commitment to the industry. They think about their customers and product quality every step of the way. They can manufacture and deliver custom motors and drives in three weeks or less. This means that they are willing to give their customers exactly what they need in a reasonable amount of time.

Baldor representatives also spend countless hours every year talking to their customers. They want feedback so that they can continually improve and make sure that customers who depend on them for power get exactly what they need. We feel that customers should be provided the best products that are customized to their needs as well, so it made the decision to focus our product line on their gensets a no-brainer. When you are committed to your customers, your industry and quality you will surely rise to the top of your industry just as Baldor has.





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Are Portable Generators an Effective Purchase for Business?

In many instances, the standby systems that we discuss are not portable. They are large, immobile and can provide large amounts of energy when your utility provider can’t. When it comes to running a business, or powering any large facility, this is generally the kind of generator that people think of. This does not necessarily mean that their smaller counterparts are not useful for commercial purposes; you just need to know what you are getting into.

The biggest benefit of a portable generator is obvious: they are portable. You can keep them in one place if need be, but you can move them to a different part of your campus or an entirely different work site if circumstances change.

After severe weather, the ability to be flexible will be invaluable. You may very well need a portable generator in addition to you main standby system. If you have several buildings on your campus, then you likely do not have backup power in all of them. You may need power in one of your smaller building after the storm; your planned base of operations may be flooded or damaged.

If you work in construction, catering or another industry that requires you to change worksites frequently, a portable generator (or three) is a must-have. You do not want to get to a job site and not have lighting for your construction crew or find out that you cannot plug your plate warmer in before a big client’s wedding. In cases like these portable generators are worth every penny and should be at your disposal.

Some things to consider when choosing your portable generator are:

  • Continuous Rating- The amount of power that your generator will be able supply for a period of a few hours. If you only need to plug in a couple of things, then you can select a unit with a lower rating. Decide what you will need powered in advance, so you know how much capacity you need.
  • Maximum Rating- The amount of power that your unit can supply for a few minutes or less. This will be useful if you have overlap between different appliances, but do not intend for your generator to hold up at this level for long.
  • Wheels- While this sounds a bit basic, you will want to consider how mobile your portable generator is. Not all units have wheels and you may want to be able to move your generator around easily.
  • Voltmeter- This is a device on the generator itself that measures how much power the unit is producing. This will help you to ensure that you stay within your continuous rating in general and warn you as you approach maximum rating.
  • Fuel- Portable generators can be fueled by a variety of sources. You will want to make sure that you have easy access to the fuel that you need or your generator may be obsolete when you need it. Fuel sources for portable generators include:
    • Diesel
    • Gasoline
    • Natural Gas
    • Propane

In Florida, having a generator is a good idea. A portable generator is something that will be worth having bought in advance when you need it. If you are in the market for one you can find a great selection here.


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