ComAp LLC Controllers

ComAp LLC Controllers Innovative and User-Friendly
ACF Standby Systems is proud to announce our partnership with ComAP LLC Controllers. ComAp LLC offers a broad, flexible range of generator set controllers that are easily integrated into both simple and complex systems. Innovative and user-friendly features provide more effective control, monitoring and protection of a wide range of electronic engines. We can integrate,customize, install, and maintain your contoller. Our technicians are factory trained and able to troubleshoot your Standby System utilizing the advance features of these controllers. Call us today to learn more!

Fully Trained Technicians
ACF Standby System’s nation-wide network of certified and trained engineers and technicians offers expert knowledge in utilizing controllers for diagnostics and repairs. Our highly-trained, expert service professionals represent the industry’s largest investments in ongoing training and equipment.

Gen-set Controllers
The ComAp 'New Technology' family is a comprehensive range of configurable Gen-set controllers suitable for managing simple, everyday or even the most complex CHP application. In addition, all ComAp Genset controllers now feature one piece of software making them universally compatible with most of the leading manufacturers of electronic engines.

With increased memory, more features and greater processing speed, ComAp's 'New Technology' control products have built an enviable reputation for effective system integration, simpler monitoring and more user-friendly remote supervising and servicing.

Customize Controllers
All ComAp controllers use a CAN bus connection combined with custom software, giving the user access to hundreds of operational and diagnostic messages, displayed either on the controller’s screen or via a connected PC. Since all controllers are customized, the user can easily configure them to meet the particular requirements of different engine applications.

We Sell Genuine ComAp LLC Contollers and Generac Parts.

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