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Generac GeneratorIf you rely on electrically powered medical equipment, work at home and need to stay connected, or are running a business where resources and revenues would suffer from prolonged electricity

Disruption of power is not only inconvenient – it can be costly in many ways for residents and businesses alike. From health considerations for the young and elderly, to revenue losses for suspended business operations – weathering out a storm can be destructive, unsafe, and even life threatening.

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Having no electric can translate to the following becoming inoperable or inaccessible in your home or business:

  • Security systems – most basic alarm systems are electric, so a power loss renders these systems out of order
  • No refrigeration – how long will your food supply remain safe to eat?
  • No basic utilities – what power source does your heat, A/C use? Is your water system on a filtration system?
  • Critical medical/mobility systems – if elderly or disabled, medical systems or transports that rely on electricity will be inoperable

Is There a Difference in Generators?

Providing reliable emergency standby electricity is our passion – and our business. So our reputation rides on the generator products that we sell, service and maintain. ACF Standby Fort Lauderdale / Coral Springs is a proud Generac distributor, the industry leader in backup generators.

Generac Logo These powerful generators are available for residential, business, and commercial use – and offer the OHVI Engine, the only engine designed specifically for generator use.

Trust the Generator Specialists

Highly trained and customer-service oriented, our specialists do not over- or under- design your standby system – our goal is to best match your emergency backup needs and requirements. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and strive to provide the most cost effective solution for each use.

Having a backup is more than worth it – and we make sure of this by offering a selection of service and maintenance plans, as well as sale and lease options.

Selection and Installation Expertise

The professionals at ACF Standby Fort Lauderdale / Coral Springs have the expertise to assess your resident, business or commercial load needs. We can also advise on the best and most cost effective way to install a generator, taking into account capacity choices and corresponding electrical and plumbing needs.

Whether you’re powering up just the essentials to having complete backup, we have equipment and technicians ready to analyze and match your specific needs. Call us today at (800) 282-5359

Helpful Emergency Management Links for Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs

Below are helpful emergency preparedness links for Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs residents and businesses.

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