InteliNano Controllers for Single Gen-Sets Applications

Cost Effective Generator Set Controller
InteliNano is a cost effective generator set controller which offers outstanding protection, monitoring and control for small and middle size generator sets and light towers. There are two versions available – MRS (Manual Remote Start) and AMF (Auto Mains Failure)

Manual Remote Start (MRS) Gen-set Controller
Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Gen-set Controller
ComAp InteliNano Controller
  • Controller for single gen-set operating in prime mover applications
  • Gen-set monitoring and protection
  • Weak battery gen-set starting
  • True voltage RMS measurement 3 phase
  • EFI engine support with diagnostic message
  • Up to 3 configurable analog inputs
  • Up to 6 binary inputs
  • Up to 4 binary outputs
  • 2 high current outputs
  • Gasoline engine support – choke output
  • D+ pre-excitation terminal
  • CAN with J1939 support
  • USB communication interface
  • USB one cord programming
  • Light tower support / special LCD screen
  • User-friendly installation / operation
  • The biggest graphical display in its class
  • Language free-only symbols and numbers

We Sell Genuine ComAp LLC Contollers and Generac Parts.

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