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Gas Generators

Generac Gaseous Generators

Featuring extended run times, cost-effective engines and environmentally friendly emissions, Generac’s clean-burning gaseous fuel generators can be used to meet local code requirements and the unique backup power needs of each business.

Natural Gas Generators

Both natural gas and diesel engines, along with gen sets, have proven performance and reliability. Diesel has a higher power density and can reach full load more quickly than natural gas; however, natural gas generators can meet the <:10 minimum startup time required for emergency power supply systems. Once started, reliability and performance of diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators are equivalent. 

PowerManager® Reliable, Accurate, Integrated Controls

Generac engineers its generator controls with safety and convenience as top priorities. PowerManager® digital controls let you monitor and control key elements of your generator system with the touch of a button or click of a mouse. In addition, features like constant monitoring capabilities, adjustable parameters and built-in protective alarms combine with seamlessly integrated components for the highest level of reliability.

Optimized for Performance

Generac industrial alternators are machine wound, machine inserted, and machine varnished for the ultimate in consistency. Form winding and stack bracing ensures reliable performance. Rotor spin balancing eliminates vibration. And vented rotors contribute to cooler operation, longer life and enhanced efficiency.

Available: 35-1000kW (Standard and Configured)

Protection from the Elements

By manufacturing our own generator enclosures, Generac is able to ensure each unit combines the highest level of durability with the latest engineering advancements in noise reduction, weather resistance and streamlined design.

Rugged Base Frames

Generac’s heavy-duty base frames ensure accurate alignment between the engine and alternator at all times. Oil and water drain points are situated for easy access. Vibration isolators contribute to smooth operation. And power cable stub-ups are positioned for easy installation.

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