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Generator Paralleling

Generac Modular Power Systems

Your business could be a start-up, so while you want to make a smart investment in backup power, you also don’t want to buy more kWs than you need. Our innovative Modular Power Systems (MPS) allow you to start with a smaller kW generator and then “plug in and play” additional units as you grow. Those units can feature different fuel options. This gives you genset redundancy and scalability. Win-win.

What is a Modular Power System?

ACF Standby Systems has taken the complexity out of paralleling total power generators with our Modular Power Systems (MPS). MPS is a transformational technology that eliminates the expense and space requirements required with traditional paralleling solutions. In the past, you had to purchase pricey third-party switchgear. Then you had to find suppliers and electricians to set-up the system and make it work when you needed it. ACF Standby Systems provides integrated paralleling, simplifying the entire system.

Scale-able Options Using MPS

With our unique MPS, you can also combine generators using a variety of fuels such as diesel and natural gas. This not only gives you the benefits of genset redundancy, but now you have fuel redundancy as well.

Our MPS approach does not require dedicated switchgear sections. Future expansion generators simply tie directly to the generator bus. Because the paralleling is already built into our generators, the MPS system fundamentally has greater flexibility for growth, requires less electrical room space, and reduces initial capital cost.

1 MW of Power in a Small Space

When space is at a premium and reliability is critical, Generac’s Gemini® power system is the answer. An option of Generac’s Modular Power System (MPS), the Gemini features two 500 kW generators connected in parallel within a single enclosure.

Gemini combines the output of two 500 kW generators packaged inside a single enclosure using Generac’s exclusive PowerManager™ control system. The result is 1 MW of power in a space up to 40% smaller than a large, single engine genset.

MPS Advantages

Our integrated MPS offers many benefits as opposed to the traditional single genset configuration including:

  • Redundancy: in most applications, the loads that require the highest degree of reliability are only a percentage of the generator’s total capacity. We provide N+1, N+2, and more, offering up to 99.999% reliability.
  • Reduced Space Requirements: using smaller kW generators offers greater weight distribution, making rooftop installations more feasible. These generators are also shorter and more compact so locating them in parking garages becomes a possibility.
  • Serviceability: a single unit can be taken out of service for maintenance or repair while other units remain available should an outage occur.
  • Flexibility: gensets can be added to a current system depending on growth. This allows owners to make a smaller initial investment and scale accordingly based on increased power demands.
  • Fuel Redundancy: while some applications require diesel generators to meet on-site fuel requirements, our diesel generators can be paralleled with our natural gas or bi-fuel generators for significantly expanded runtimes.
  • Fully Tested: our in-house factory test lab ensures unsurpassed peace of mind because if our generators pass our tests, they’ll pass your tests, too.

The costs to specify and install two lower kW paralleled versus one larger kW are quite similar. This makes choosing Generac’s MPS a smart decision for all types of and sizes of facilities or businesses.

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