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Generator Leasing

Lease to Own Generators

Alongside Grand HVAC leasing, ACF Standby Systems offers a variety of financing options for your commercial or industrial generator system purchase. Contact us to learn more about our leasing program, and see how ACF Standby Systems can help with your power generation needs.

Choose the equipment you want with no money down and low fixed monthly payments

Avoid unexpected service costs with our 100% worry-free protection program

Added protection with our inclusive regular maintenance inspection program

Why Generator leasing makes great business sense?

Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) and ACF Standby Systems provides businesses with unconventional financial solutions to suit their generator leasing needs. We provide full-service solutions. You can now free up your investment capital to improve and grow your business! Stop capitalizing products and services that are not integral components of your business success. In simple terms… Stop buying depreciating assets!

Upgrade to energy efficient equipment with no capital outlay.

Leasing eliminates unpredictable capital and operating cost surprises. The low monthly lease premium provides many benefits, including:

  • Cash incentives and/or energy rebates
  • No capital outlay required for equipment
  • Minimal or no installation capital
  • No extended warranties
  • No annual maintenance contracts
  • No unexpected service parts and labour costs
  • No capital budgeting necessary
  • 100% business operating expense

Industries Served

Restaurant & Hospitality

HVAC Leasing provides businesses the opportunity to allocate capital towards customer growth, retention, or other lease hold improvements. ACF offers leased equipment to a variety of restaurants and hospitality businesses.

Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes are ideal customers for leasing as it is crucial for them to keep systems updated, maintained and operating year round. Leasing equipment not only provides priority service, but it provides worry-free emergency service 24-hours per day.


Manufacturing plants need confidence that they will have power when they need it to ensure efficiency and productivity. ACF Standby Systems offers leasing options that will allow your manufacturing plant to have reliable emergency backup power without financial impositions.

Healthcare Facilities

At ACF, we know that having a 24/7 emergency backup power system in place at healthcare facilities can literally mean the difference between life and death. Our leasing program is designed to provide healthcare facilities with emergency backup power at an affordable price.

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