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Generator Repair

Generac Generator Service

Featuring extended run times, cost-effective engines and environmentally friendly emissions, Generac’s clean-burning gaseous fuel generators can be used to meet local code requirements and the unique backup power needs of each business.

24/7 Generator Repair

Your back-up generators are your best insurance policy against black-outs. During storm season this policy is needed more than ever. ACF Standby Systems can help make sure your generators will operate when needed. Protect your investment and gain peace of mind with an on-site generator maintenance agreement from ACF Standby Systems an NPFA70e compliant service provider.

Fully Trained Technicians

ACF Standby System’s nation-wide network of certified and trained engineers and technicians offers expert knowledge in performing generator inspections, diagnostics and repairs.

Our highly-trained, expert service professionals represent the industry’s largest investments in ongoing training and equipment. The result is a responsive and flexible contract maintenance program, guaranteed to keep your standby system operating at peak performance.

Custom Tailored PM Programs

Let us tailor the right generator maintenance agreement for your specific needs. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection and service program intervals that meet your schedule, as well as the manufacturer’s requirements, are available.

We also provide a complete system functionality test, as well as optional services, such as coolant flush and fill and tune up, to keep your system in perfect working order.

Generator Fuel Tank Replacement

For your generator to keep your business running, you need to keep the generator engine running, and that requires an intact fuel tank. If you need to replace the fuel tank or tank components on your generator, ACF Standby Systems carries the genuine manufacturer parts that match your equipment.

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20+ Certified Technicians

300+ Combined Years of Power Generation Expertise

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

$1.5 million in Parts Inventory

Transfer Switch Repair

One of the most important accessories for a generator is a transfer switch. A transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources.

Failure to maintain your transfer switch leaves you susceptible to unnecessary downtime. Your standby generator won’t get called upon if your transfer switch hasn’t been properly maintained. ACF Standby Systems transfer switch repair helps ensure a reliable transfer of power to your generator. It is best practice to implement an ATS maintenance plan along with your generator maintenance.

Generator Enclosure Replacement

In coastal areas, where generators are exposed to humid salty air, their enclosures tend to wear out fast due to corrosion. Often the generator and engine are in good condition, but rust has destroyed most of the enclosure, chassis, and base.

Generator companies often times push for a sale of a new generator to replace the one which enclosure has been damaged. But this solution can be very costly.

In these kinds of circumstances ACF Standby Systems recommend that you replace the enclosure rather than discard the entire generator. This procedure will preserve the investment you have already made, and will allow your generator to give you a full service life.

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