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Generac Pumps

Water and Trash Pumps

Looking for powerful pumps that can handle water and solids? With the lowest intake height on the market, Generac Mobile trash pumps easily handle solids up to 3 in. (76.2 mm) in diameter, and operate for extended run times to ensure that your site is clean and ready for the next phase.

Generac Trash Pumps

With the lowest suction height in the industry and final tier 4 engines, Generac Mobile trash pumps are designed for ultimate performance – allowing for fast and efficient high volume dewatering projects. A choice of wet prime and dry prime models allow you to specify the perfect pump for your needs. Models handle water and solids ranging 3-3.38 in (7.6-8.5 cm) in diameter, and operate for extended runtimes to ensure that your worksite is dry and ready for the next phase. The LOFA controller with back-lit LCD sceen makes operation hassle-free.

High Efficiency

Cornell® pump ends with best-in-class suction/discharge height

Run-Dry System

Continuous operations without need for external flush water or venting

Durable Steel-Roll Cage

Protects pump radiator and other components from damage

Built-in Containment

Collects all engine fluids

Easy Conversion

Optional sound attenuated flip hood cabinet (dry prime models only)

Fitting Options

Pump ends are offered in a variety of styles and fittings for different connection requirements

Standard Leveling Jacks

For enhanced stability and performance

Wet or Dry?

Wet prime pumps offer excellent value, while dry prime options enhance efficiency and enable faster pump priming and set-up. Diaphragm dry prime pumps offer better performance in colder temperatures.

Dust Suppression System

DF dust suppression systems from Generac Mobile provide a better, more effective way of mitigating dust and other unhealthy particulate. Traditional dust suppression systems produce large water droplets, which only capture large dust particulate. Generac Mobile dust suppression systems work by nebulizing water into a fine mist that attaches or “catches” smaller particulate matter.

DF systems provide even coverage, minimizing wasted water and water puddles. Designed to deliver effective dust mitigation for a variety of applications, including demolition work, mining, aggregate production, recycling and environmental repairs, DF systems also provide effective odor suppression for landfills. Generac Mobile offers efficient and effective dust suppression options for jobs big and small.

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