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Generator Transfer Switches

Generac Transfer Switches

ACF Standby Systems offers a full line of Industrial Transfer Switches to meet varying needs from light industrial applications all the way to the most demanding critical installations. All Generac switches offer contacts that are silver composite, which resists pitting or burning, ultimately leading to longer life and the reliability you expect.

TX Series Transfer Switches

The TX Series switches are both Generac designed and built in house with exceptional features that meet, and exceed, any application needs. These transfer switches have some of the highest withstand and closing ratings (WCR) with optional 3 cycle ratings available. In addition, these switches offer no PPE needed for controller use, firmware updates, or data downloads when the enclosure door is installed.

  • Small footprint, results in easy mounting and installation for reduced time and costs
  • Cable Entry is Top or Bottom
  • Double-Throw, Stored Energy Transfer Mechanism
  • Can be Electrically Isolated while Energized

GTS Transfer Switches

Generac GTS transfer switches feature status lights that indicate switch position and source status, a programmable weekly exerciser, independent voltage pickup and dropout adjustments, and utility monitoring to protect against utility phase loss conditions. Our front access test mode switch allows the entire standby system to be tested in either normal or fast test mode.

  • 100 – 2,600 Amps
  • Open with In-phase, Delayed Transition
  • Two Wire-Start – Any Controller
  • Contactor Technology

Our transfer switches are ISO 9000 certified, meet all relevant NEC codes, and are rated for full load transfers in critical operating, emergency, legally required, and optional power systems.

HTS Transfer Switches

Generac HTS transfer switches are a microprocessor-based design for operation in conjunction with the PowerManager® H-100 or G-100 controller. HTS switches monitor utility voltage and frequency, and communicate via a RS485 communication link to the generator controllers. External LED indicate switch position and source status. An external, 3-position test switch allows testing in either normal or fast mode without opening the cabinet.

  • 100 – 2,600 Amps
  • Open with In-phase, Delayed Transition
  • Power Manager® H-100 or G-100 Controller
  • Service and Non-Service Entrance Rated

PSTS Transfer Switches

The Power Series Transfer Switch line features 3 different platforms with multiple technologies to offer the most flexible solutions up to 5,000 AMPs.  All platforms are rated for 3 cycle operation with highly reliable mechanisms with safety interlocks. Service entrance models are 100 percent rated and available with integral overcurrent protection.

  • 100 – 5000 Amps
  • Open with In-phase, Delayed, Bypass Isolation, or Closed Transition
  • Two Wire-Start – Any Controller
  • Service and Non-Service Entrance Rated

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